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(K-5) FFWD to College Student Curriculum (Outside of California) is a Course

(K-5) FFWD to College Student Curriculum (Outside of California)

Time limit: 30 days

$49 Enroll

Full course description

K-5th GRADE STUDENT CURRICULUM OVERVIEW (this listing is for students OUTSIDE of California)
For students in CALIFORNIA, access the following listing: (K-5) Fast Forward to College Student Curriculum (California)
Fast Forward to College (▸▸FWD): 25 Minutes at a Time
  • Part of a K-12 college knowledge curriculum designed for use in any setting (i.e. advisory, homeroom, classroom, after school, summer program, etc.).
  • Developmentally appropriate interactive and easy to implement lessons and activities.
  • 25-minute lessons designed for use in school, community and/or after school settings.
  • Based on a college-going framework to increase college and career readiness by fostering college aspirations, teaching college knowledge, supporting the college planning process.
  • Sequenced lessons are organized by themes, build on each other throughout the year, and increase in depth and rigor each year.
  • Aligned to Common Core, ELD and Social-Emotional Learning competencies.
  • The curriculum includes end of year student activities to assess learning.
  • The curriculum includes lesson plans, handouts, presentations(when needed), and optional extension activities.
  • There are 15 lessons for (Kinder-2nd) grade span and 15 lessons for (3rd-5th) grade span.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DISCLAIMER:  By downloading the curriculum, the client agrees to the terms and conditions of accessing the intellectual property belonging to the Regents of the University of California, which includes, but it not limited to:
  • The client may not sublicense or transfer intellectual property to any other entity.
  • The Regents retain all rights, titles, and interests in intellectual property.